Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Kyowa Metal Works Co., Ltd., except when defined otherwise by the company, shall make its best effort to safeguard the information of customers and partners which would practically enable identification of specific individuals (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information”) , by defining “Privacy Policy” in the following manner.

Collecting Personal Information

  • Personal Information shall be collected in fair and lawful manner.

Using Personal Information

  • Purpose of use for collected Personal Information shall be specified and clarified as much as possible.
  • Use of Personal Information shall be made within the purpose of use, by those who have the authority according to the specific operation and within scope of activity required by the operation.

Disclosing/Providing Personal Information to Third Party

  • Personal Information shall not be disclosed/provided to third party without first obtaining approval from the individual, except in following cases.
    1. Disclosing/providing information in a form where identification of individuals is not be possible (for statistics, etc.)
    2. Disclosing/providing information to subcontractors within scope of activity required by the operation
    3. When business is inherited through joint venture, company split, business transfer and other reasons
    4. When disclosing /providing is requested under laws and regulations

Management of Personal Information

  • Appropriate security measures shall be provided to prevent unlawful access, losses, alterations, and leaks of Personal Information.
  • When outsourcing the processing of Personal Information, necessary measures shall be implemented, such as signing of appropriate contract with the subcontractor, which will include contents on security measures.
  • Rules regarding handling of Personal Information shall be defined and implemented, and shall be improved on ongoing basis.

Disclosure, Revision, Stop of Usage and Others for Personal Information

  • When requests such as disclosure, revision, and stop of usage for Personal Information is received, it will be accommodated after confirmation of the individual.
    Inquiries regarding Personal Information will be accepted at "".

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • We will comply with laws and regulations regarding handling of Personal Information, and will make best efforts to review and to improve the contents of this Privacy Policy on ongoing basis.

April 1st, 2009
Kyowa Metal Works, Co., Ltd.
Masumi Takashima, President and Representative Director