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Greeting from Representative Director and President
Representative Director	Takashima Masumi, President  Thank you for visiting the website of KYOWA METAL WORKS.

We started manufacturing synchronizers for manual transmissions right at the beginning of Japan’s automotive age. Since that time, we have always operated our business with “technological development” at its basis. Our current focus, the lever synchronizer, is attracting much attention not only in Japan but also in the overseas markets, and would not have been possible if it were not for our approach from the basic development level.

Automobiles have been evolving over time. It is difficult for automotive parts manufacturers like us to survive in this market unless we keep step with the changing times and ontinue to make progress. Given this situation, we are taking various actions by looking ahead at the future trends of automobile drive systems, so that we can continue to be an organization capable of offering new solutions.

In order to realize our dreams, we would like to use this website as a way of sharing our new ideas, and to attract opinions as well as supports towards those ideas. We would sincerely like to ask for your involvement.

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