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  • The Grand Breaking Ceremony for PT.Kyowa Synchro Technology Indonesia(KSTI) was held on Sep 23 2013 at GIIC.
  • We have relaunched our English website.
  • The capital became 411.87 million yen by third-party allocation of shares.
  • Supply of lever synchronizer for Renault S.A.S. started.
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About Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Kurihara Scholarship Foundation

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Kurihara Scholarship Foundation, was established in July of 1978, with inheritance from late Yoshizumi Kurihara as its fund, based on his dying wish of “I would like to contribute to society by educating as many capable individuals as possible”.

Since then, the scholarship program has been operated with stock dividends from Kyowa Metal Works Co., Ltd., as its main financial resources.

In addition to students in Kanagawa prefecture, for those students who are victims of The Great East Japan Earth Quake for a limited time of 10 years from October of 2012, we are providing scholarships which do not have to be paid back, for those who show academic excellence and are healthy both in body and in spirits, but are having difficulty attending school due to financial reasons, hoping that we are able to take part in educating capable individuals.

Please visit following site for further details